Dunfly Unique Fly Box Picker

Welcome to our unique Fly Box Picker, where you can make your own preferred selection of flies, either ready to go fishing or as a gift for someone special


Simply click  on 15 different patterns below and 2 of each selection will be automatically picked, then click on the Add to Basket button. If you happen to click on more than 15 selections, we will only put your 1st 15 selections in your fly box, and if you click on less than 15 selections, we will make up your selection to 15 when we lay out your flies for you. So please take a minute to count your selections before adding your box to your basket. Before clicking Add to Basket you can click and unclick any of your selections until you're happy with your boxed set of flies


If you want more than 2 of any the patterns of your choice, you can adjust the quantities in Basket View. Just make sure that the total of the flies is 30 after making any adjustments


All Salmon Singles (Sgl) on the bottow 2 rows are size 10

Click on the small images below for enlargement above

Pick a box of 30 Salmon Doubles & Singles - €49.00

(€63 when bought separately)

select 15 patterns from the list below - sizes as stated


100% waterproof double sided slit foam holds up to 288 trout flies. Deep compartment lids allows large flies without crushing. Strong, moulded hinge & clip lock for long life - dimensions 155 x 110 x 40mm 

Once you've added your box of flies to your basket, the flies will be listed showing individual values of 0.00 and the full Price of  €49.00 will be shown against the Fly Box - Click on the 4 for 2 surprise and receive 4 salmon flies of our choice instead of 2

Allys Black 10

Allys Cascade 10

Allys Orange 10

Allys Purple 10

Allys Red 10

Allys Yellow 10

 Blue Charm 10

Collie Dog 10 

General Practitioner 10

Green Highlander 10

Hairy Mary 10

Jock Scott 10

Munro Killer 10

Octopus 10

Silver Doctor 10

Stoats Tail 10

Allys Black 12

Allys Cascade 12

Allys Orange 12

Allys Purple 12

Allys Red 12

Allys Yellow 12

Blue Charm 12

Collie Dog 12

General Practitioner 12

Green Highlander 12

Hairy Mary 12

Jock Scott 12

Munro Killer 12

Octopus 12

Silver Doctor 12

Stoats Tail 12

Allys Cascade 14

Allys Purple 14

Allys Red 14

Bann Special 14

Blue Charm 14

Connemara Black 14

Currys Red Shrimp 14

Executioner 14

Foxford Shrimp 14

Galway Green 14

Goat 14

Munro Killer 14

Silver Doctor 14

Silver Rat 14

 Thunder & Lightning 14

4 for 2 Surprise

Allys Cascade Sgl

Allys Orange Sgl

Allys Yellow Sgl

Blue Charm Sgl

 Garry Dog Sgl

Golden Stoat Sgl

Hairy Mary Sgl

Silver Doctor Sgl

Silver Rat Sgl

Stoat Green Butt Sgl

 Thunder & Lightning Sgl

Willie Gunn Sgl

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