Dunfly Unique Fly Box Picker

Welcome to our unique Fly Box Picker, where you can make your own preferred selection of flies, either ready to go fishing or as a gift for someone special


Simply click  on 20 different patterns below and 3 of each selection will be automatically picked, then click on the Add to Basket button. If you happen to click on more than 20 selections, we will only put your 1st 20 selections in your fly box, and if you click on less than 20 selections, we will make up your selection to 20 when we lay out your flies for you. So please take a minute to count your selections before adding your box to your basket. Before clicking Add to Basket you can click and unclick any of your selections until you're happy with your boxed set of flies


If you want more than 3 of any the patterns of your choice, you can adjust the quantities in Basket View. Just make sure that the total of the flies is 60 after making any adjustments


Pick a box of 60 Dry Flies #14 - €49.00

(€60.00 when bought separately)

Select 20 patterns x 3 of each from the list below

100% waterproof double sided slit foam holds up to 288 trout flies. Deep compartment lids allows large flies without crushing. Strong, moulded hinge & clip lock for long life - dimensions 155 x 110 x 40mm

Once you've added your box of flies to your basket, the flies will be listed showing individual values of 0.00 and the full Price of  €49.00 will be shown against the Fly Box - Click on the small images below to see enlargement above

Adams Parachute

Bivisible Black

Black Gnat

Black Midge

Bue Dun

Blue Winged Olive

 Brown Marbled Sedge


CDC Grey Duster

CDC Haresear

CDC Hatching Midge

CDC Paradun Black

CDC Paradun Claret

CDC Paradun Olive

CDC Rough Olive

Cinnamon Sedge

Chocolate Drop

Dark Cahill

Deer Hair Sedge

Elk Hair Sedge

G & H Sedge

Goddard Caddis

Greenwells Glory

Grey Duster

Grey Flag

Griffiths Gnat

Hawthorn Fly

Heather Fly

Hopper Bibio CDC

Hopper Claret CDC

Hopper Olive CDC

Hopper Orange CDC

Horned Sedge Black

Horned Sedge Olive

Horned Sedge Silver

Humpy Sedge

Humpy Sedge Royal

Iron Blue Dun

Kate McLaren

Klinkhammer Black

Klinkhammer Claret

Klinkhammer Haresear

Klinkhammer Olive

Knotted Midge

Murrough Horned

Olive Dun

 Olive Sedge

Olive Sparkle Dun

Pale Evening Dun

Rough Olive

Pheasant Tail

Royal Coachman

 Sherry Spinner

Silver Sedge

Soldier Palmer

Tupps Indispensible

Wickhams Fancy

Wulff Grey

 Wulff Red

Wulff Royal

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