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Vac Rac Standard Vacuum Rod Rack - 79 - per pair

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All racks are fully vacuum tested by Vac Rac, supplied with a storage bag, base protector lids and instructions
Non magnetic: Fits all vehicles Aluminium, Steel, Plastic. Holds up to 4 rods, with soft suction bases and pillar mounted support for reel clearance
In tests, each rack has lifted in excess of 40kg. Bonnet to roof mounting. Supplied with storage bag and base protector lids



Vac Rac Rod Rack - €79



Lightweight Silstar 5m Dapping Rod Outfit - €75

A great dapping outfit to include:

  • 5m Silstar lightweight dapping rod

  • Dabbler #5/6 graphite fly reel

  • Fly reel loaded with 12lb Maxima

  • 2m dapping floss assembly

  • 4 detached body dapping daddies

Silstar Dapping Outfit - €75

(€94  if bought separately)



Seaguar Soft Plus

100% Fluorocarbon

V1 - Seaguar Soft Plus 100% Fluorocarbon 50m spool - €20


Seaguar Soft Plus

100% Fluorocarbon

This is the new Seaguar Soft Plus fluorocarbon. This fluorocarbon is much softer and is 10% stronger than the original Grand Max

It has an exceptionally strong breaking strain compared to its low diameters.

This line is ideal for buzzer fishing, as it is more dense than nylon line and will sink easier

The Seaguar Soft Plus fluorocarbon has proven to be 100% reliable and has a high resistance to abrasion and fatigue. It could even be used as a reel line and is definitely soft enough for this purpose

Only available in:

 8.2lb 0.185mm 4X

10.4lbs 0.218mm 3X

Frog Hair 100% Fluorocarbon

Frog Hair 100% fluorocarbon has added suppleness which vastly compliments the refractive qualities to deliver the most stealthy drag-free presentation possible

V2 - Frog Hair 100% Fluorocarbon 100m Spool - €26

6.6lb 4X (0.178mm) 8.8lb 3X (0.203mm)

10lb 2X (0.223mm)


V3 - Competition Snowbee Waterproof Fly Box (holds up to 306 flies) - 230 x 130 x 25mm - €16.50



V4 - Large Snowbee Waterproof Double Sided Fly Box (holds up to 288 flies) - 155 x 105 x 40mm - €16.00



 V5 - Natural amadou double patch mounted on a leather fob. Comes in one of our pastille tins - €12



V6 - Original red mucilin - 4


V7 - Mucilin quick sink mud - €4


V8 - Green mucilin silicon - €4



V9 - Gehrke's Gink floatant - €8



V10 - Gehrke's Xink sinkant - €8


V11 - Mucilin dry fly silicon, including applicator brush - €5



V12 - Mucilin hour glass dry fly silicon. Put the fly inside the lid and shake - €5



V13 - Micro rings 10-pack 2.0mm or 3.0mm diameter - €4.50




Stonfo 708 Ergonomic Stainless Steel Snips plus a lanyard

V14 - High quality line snips plus lanyard - €12.50


Choose Snips




V15 -  Dapping floss assembly. 2m+ dapping floss with micro rings at either end for easy fixing  - €4



V16 -Gold Plated Brass Beads - 2.3, 2.8 & 3.3mm- €2.50





V17 - Pack of 3 clear braided loops- €3


V18 - Maxima Ultragreen 12lb 100m spool - €7



V19 - Maxima Ultragreen 10lb 100m spool - €7




V20 - Maxima Ultragreen 8lb 100m spool - €7




V21 - Maxima Ultragreen 6lb 100m spool - €7



V22A - Maxima Ultragreen 5lb 100m spool - €7



V22 - Maxima Ultragreen 4lb 100m spool - €7




V23 - Maxima Ultragreen 3lb 100m spool - €7



V30 - Veniard Clip-On Zinger - €5



V31 - Veniard Tungsten Carbide Snips - €11




V24 - Stonfo Medium disgorger, designed for quick release. Manufactured from very strong material with a rubber handle - €12


V32 - Stonfo 708 Ergonomic Stainless Steel Snips - €11




V26 - One of our logo pastille tins with 12 trout or 6 salmon flies - €10



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