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Veniard Premium Fly Tying Kit

Enough materials for 1000’s of flies. This kit addresses both the traditional and newer trends in fly tying with a plethora of materials, there is enough in this kit to satisfy the keen beginner and established tyer alike. It is ideal for any level of experience, in all areas of the craft. There is a heavy emphasis on new materials such as Glister, Cactus & Krystal. The hooks supplied cover a variety of types of prime quality. Comes with a Veniard No. 12 lever vise and the following:

Grey Duck Quills, Hen Pheasant Quills, Peacock Herl, Cock Pheasant tail Natural and dyed, Turkey marabou in assorted colours, Seals fur substitute, Spike Guard natural dubbing, Hares Ears, Squirrel Tails Black & Grey, Tying Threads, Tinsels-Silver-Gold-Pearl, Assorted Wires, Glo-Bite Floss and Multiyarn, Magic Glass Nymph Body, Suspender Balls, Holographic Tinsels in assorted colours, Assorted colours of Ice Yarn, Assorted colours of Glister, Cactus Chenille, Krystal Flash, Gold Beads, Damsel eyes, Hooks, Whip Finish Tool, Scissors, Dubbing Needle, Bullet Bobbin Holder, Standard Hackle Pliers, Cellire Varnish, Plastazote, Deer Hair, ˝ cock capes in Red Game, Black, Cul de Canard and Golden Pheasant Tippets






Veniard Premium

Fly Tying Kit




A Man May Fish
Author: Kingsmill Moore T.C.

A Man May Fish by the late Mr Justice Kingsmill Moore (1893-1979), one of the most respected men in Ireland in the decades before his death, has become a fishing classic since its first publication in 1960. The work covers a lifetime of fishing in Ireland for trout, sea trout (white trout), and salmon. The author was a skilled and long-experienced anger with an enviable command of the English language, and his book is full of information on how to fish. Although it is often reminiscent, there are no idle memories; ever incident teaches something of value, so that A Man May Fish is a really, useful, practical book

In his Introduction, Conrad Voss Bark writes that Kingsmill Moore ‘uses his subject as a key to open his readers’ minds to wider horizons. He has an astonishing ability too, to create living people.’

It is a book to enchant every angler for salmon and trout, whilst to the angling visitor to Irish waters, it must rate as essential reading

For this second edition, first published in 1979, the author revised the book, adding two more chapters, on lost Irish fish and on Delphi, and an appendix on the effect of waves and deeply stained water on a fish’s vision of a fly

In his Sea Trout Fishing (1975), Hugh Falkus (who has also written a Preface for this edition), placed A Man May Fish in his top-twenty best angling books – ‘a great man, a great book’

Theodore Conyngham Kingsmill Moore was educated at Marlborough College and Trinity College Dublin, where he had a brilliant academic career and was Auditor of the College Historical Society. He served in the Royal Flying Corps 1917-18, and was called to the Irish Bar in 1918, to the Inner Bar in 1934, and became a bencher of King’s Inns in 1941. He was a representative of Dublin University in the Seanad Eireann 1944-47, became a judge of the High Court in 1947, and was a judge of the Supreme Court 1951-65. He was Vice-Chairman of the Irish section of Amnesty International, and of CONCERN. He received an Hon. LL.D. from Dublin University in 1947.

He married Beatrice Macnie in 1926 (she died in 1976) and had a son and daughter, who survive him.



Binding: Hardback
No. of pages: 225
16 pages with 28 illustrations
Latest Enlarged Edition 1960
Originally Published 1979








A Man May Fish




At The End Of The Line

Classic Loch Style Wet Flies
Author: George Barron

The book is beautifully laid out encompassing all standard wet flies including Bibios, Sedges, Olives, Bumbles, Dabblers and Leggy Flies, each prefaced with George Barron’s experience and including his personal fly-tying techniques and opinions
They not only look great but you know they will catch fish

In his first book, George brings us these flies, along with their tyings and descriptions about their origins and how and when they can be used. Each fly is photographed and placed in the relevant section

George Barron specialises in traditional soft-hackle loch flies - Dabblers, Bumbles, Welsh hill flies, Bibios and the like, all tied with natural materials. Beautifully illustrated and described, this book is an excellent collection of the very best of George’s flies



2016 1st edition (signed)
Binding: Hardback
No of Pages: 163
Colour photographs throughout 







At The End Of The Line




A Fine Line

New flies and my thoughts on how to tie them
Author: George Barron

Following the amazing success of my last book " At The End Of The Line " at the Irish Fly Fair in 2016, there is nowhere else I would consider to launch my new book " A Fine Line " Like my first book ( almost sold out ), this one is also self-published to a limited number - it will not be reprinted.
This book is all about fishing for, and catching wild brown trout and has something for every Loch-Style angler in Ireland and beyond

There is an Irish Spring section - my thoughts and flies over 30 years fishing the Duckfly hatches on Loughs Corrib and Mask

A section on the history of some great traditional flies - i.e. - E.J.Malone, Andy Miller, Murt Folan, Stan Headley and others

In the book I do not set out to teach you or supply answers - a good teacher will tell you where to go looking for them

It's written to be treated like your fishing rod - to be picked up and put down when the mood takes you

I don't believe there is such a thing as an " Angling Expert ' just lots of people like ourselves who love to fish and tie flies for wild brown trout

My thanks to "R Brand Design" in Edinburgh who have done an amazing job putting my rambling



2019 1st edition (signed)

Binding: Hardback
No. of Pages: 162
Colour photographs throughout







A Fine Line









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